Jewelry Production
Devoted to Craftsmanship and Service

For nearly a quarter century, RW Manufacturing has not only gained the trust of artisans, catalog and multichannel merchants, manufacturers, and jewelry retailers, we’ve also developed a reputation within the industry as one of the few manufacturers today that continues to impact the industry by its production advances.

Servicing both large retail jewelry customers and smaller custom designers, RW Manufacturing has developed a process that easily identifies production efficiencies.  We pass those savings on to our customers.  So whether your order is that one special piece you created, or a 300 piece-a-day order, rest assured that we will deliver your order on time, within your budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

RW Manufacturing, located in Rochester, New York, has a large pool of talent that includes 40+ craftsmen who are dedicated to producing fine jewelry. Our staff includes designers, casters, bench jewelers, finishers, and customer relations employees.

Design, Wax Carving, Rubber Molding, Casting Preparation, Casting, Inspection, Rough Finishing, Assembly, Setting, Finishing

RW Manufacturing not only offers quality casting at competitive pricing, but also complete support services such as rough casting, model and mold making, design, stone setting, finishing, stone replacement, and even assembly of parts that you supply.

RW Manufacturing is fully insured through Jewelers Mutual and is a member of MJSA and JBT.

The RW Manufacturing Advantage

  • 40+ employee skilled work force
  • computer tracking of all orders
  • quick turnaround
  • private label manufacturing
  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • quality results
  • accurate order control
  • full-service manufacturer
  • finishing services available
  • design services
  • mold and model making

Artisans and Craftspeople

We’ll Bring Your Designs to Life.

Jewelry designers feel confident turning their sketches over to us for production. Those who have previously worked with us know that we take the time to fully understand just how you want your piece produced. With our painstaking attention to detail, we’ll develop your jewelry piece so it won’t lose that handmade look.

Whether you are highly experienced or just starting out in the trade, we can help you succeed. Our casting services are available in 10K, 14K, 18K (white, yellow, rose, green), platinum, sterling silver, and brass. We can inject molds, carve waxes, make models, set gemstones, and finish or design jewelry.

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Catalog and Multichannel Merchants

Catalog and Multichannel Merchants

Rapid Turnaround for Peak Seasons

RW Manufacturing understands the needs of catalog merchandise suppliers, direct mail companies, and multichannel merchants. If you’re looking for someone to handle a diverse product line, we are more than capable. Our staff is large enough to fulfill your volume merchandise or service needs especially as it relates to peak seasons, but small enough to be quick and flexible to meet your rapidly changing market needs. We know that tomorrow's fashion item must be made today.

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Take Advantage of Our Capacity

The services offered by RW Manufacturing can be very appealing to volume customers and manufacturers. You can use our capacity to your benefit. Because of our large production capacity, we can maintain an inventory of your parts, allowing for quick short-run or long-run production during peak seasons. Whether it's a one-piece special order or 5,000-piece stock order, we can help you attain your goals.

Don’t be left out on the latest fashion trend due to lack of production capacity. For more information, please fill out our catalog request form.

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Retail Jewelers

We Provide Specialty Services

A tremendous amount of our business comes from large and medium size jewelry store chains. Our experience ranges from supplying finished products to refurbishing merchandise. Many of our retail customers rely on us to handle overflow business as it relates to a variety of specialty services such as casting.

With our advanced casting equipment and experienced labor force, we deliver the highest quality product possible. Our computer tracking will guarantee that your order will be accurate, complete, and timely.

Private label production is always confidential and we also can assemble any parts that you supply. Refurbishing is done in quantity with quality. Our shop averages over 1800 pieces per week for our clients.

Don't lose profit or tie up your jewelers with making merchandise saleable. Let RW Manufacturing save you time and money. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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