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We offer a full range of services designed to assist you with the entire or any part of the jewelry manufacturing process that you require to compliment your specific needs.

Our services include:


Contract Services


Product Development

Setting & Finishing

Laser Services


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Cast your design in a variety of metals

RW Manufacturing provides complete jewelry casting services. We have the skill and experience necessary to ensure you receive only the finest castings possible.

Our dedication to quality and service is evidenced in our investment in the latest high-tech equipment. Our new high-capacity Platicast 2000 and Starcast 3000 casting machines use RF induction, inert gas atmosphere, vacuum and over-pressure to produce high-quality Platinum, Gold, and Silver castings.

We are capable of handling any of your wax originals, wax injections, models or rubber molds—from one piece to 1000 pieces or more. All waxes are carefully inspected for any imperfections, which might compromise the finished quality. We cast in all the traditional precious jewelry metals as well as brass and bronze.

Platinum is the metal of choice in fine jewelry today. We are now using Platinum Ruthenium 95/5. This combination of metal gives the consumer the look they want, the jeweler an easier working metal, and the retailer a more durable product. Traditional iridium/platinum alloys are also available, but we at RW Manufacturing feel that you will see the remarkable improvements available with Platinum Ruthenium. Quality is the hallmark of our reputation.

Gold is still the most popular choice and the standard of the jewelry industry. It comes in any color and karat that you need. Choose from 10k, 14k or 18k in yellow, white, green or rose. Our 18K Royal yellow gold is especially popular. It gives you a richer, "European" gold look. Now, you can give your customer unlimited choices in karat gold and still be assured that our quarter century of experience will show in the results.

Silver has shown an excellent resurgence in many areas. With a unique sterling silver alloy, we can eliminate many of the earlier problems with silver, especially tarnishing. The use of karat gold and silver has become a popular fashion statement today...let us combine the metals for you and your customers. RW Manufacturing can cast and assemble any combination of metals, all displaying the renowned RW Manufacturing quality.
RW Manufacturing is proud of its reputation for integrity. We assure you that all clients' designs, molds and models are held in the strictest of confidence.

Discover the benefits of using our casting services and contact us for further information.

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Contract Services

We Offer a Complete Line of Services

RW Manufacturing provides jewelry manufacturing customers with a large array of contract services. It’s something that we’ve been doing for over two decades now and we take pride in the fact that our customers keep coming back to us.

Whether you need assistance with setting or casting preparation, our staff of over 40 craftspeople have access to the latest equipment to meet your production needs.

We are skilled at all facets of jewelry manufacturing and can handle anything from a small order of just a few pieces to larger ones of 1000 or more.  Our production services range from a single process to a full turn-key solution.   Regardless of size, you can count on us to deliver your product promptly and accurately.

Choose from the following services

Castings Preparation: Many clients send their orders to us in the form of rough jewelry castings. Our experienced staff is skilled at the processes of hand filing, grinding and pre-finishing. In addition, we combine this hand processing with the latest technology in mass finishing equipment from centrifugal disc finishers to magnetic tumbling. This combination of hand and machine ensures successful results.

Setting: Our experienced setters are skilled at a variety of setting tasks, from simple prong settings to the more difficult forms such as channel, gypsy, bezel, and pave. Our clients have learned to expect only the highest quality setting work from us. This means your gemstones will be set straight, evenly, and securely.

Finishing: Final finishing takes keen eyes and steady hands. At RW Manufacturing, our polishing experts are skilled in all aspects of the process, from lapping and buffing to the application of antique, rhodium and surface finishes. It is this careful attention to detail that ensures that every item that leaves our factory reflects our high standards of quality.

Refurbishing: At RW Manufacturing, we process hundreds of pieces of jewelry that are worn or traded-in merchandise from jeweler’s inventories. Typically, we replace heads and missing stones, repair cracks or thin shanks as well as perform any other necessary adjustments to return these items to saleable condition. If you are a large jewelry retailer concerned with your trade-ins or defective merchandise, contact us. You'll be interested in how we can put the profit back in your business.

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Complete Design Services for Your Product Line

Making fine custom jewelry is a specialty at RW Manufacturing. We have the award-winning talent (DeBeers “Diamonds Today” competition), knowledge and experience to bring ideas to life. We have created everything from simple mated wedding rings to one-of-a-kind platinum masterpieces that are often inspired by a simple sketch.

We’ll use our design insight and technical expertise to help you produce a full product line of fine custom jewelry.  You can choose a single production process or utilize our full jewelry manufacturing capabilities, it’s entirely up to you.  Contact us for further information on how you can improve your custom design profitability.

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Product development

Making Visions a Reality

Many companies turn to us to produce their products because they know we’ll provide them with the same handcrafted look and feel of their original piece. They also realize that with years of experience, we’ve been able to develop production and cost efficiencies that we pass along to our clients. That is why it makes sound business sense to contract out some, or all of your production needs to RW Manufacturing.

Experienced at every stage of the process, our artist designers can create the original design, model and molds necessary to manufacture your product, thus saving you valuable time that you can spend on what's really important...your business. So whether it's your design or ours, you are assured we can bring your ideas to life.

Private label manufacturing is also a substantial part of the services RW Manufacturing can offer. We can utilize the designs that we have developed for you, or we can take your existing products and produce these for you, finished or semi-finished. RW Manufacturing can take the pressure off your labor force.

If you have designs, models, molds, or a whole line of jewelry, contact us so we can discuss the benefits of being your jewelry manufacturer.

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Setting & Finishing

Old World Attention to Detail

RW Manufacturing will always remain true to our tradition of fine quality and attention to detailed craftsmanship. Nowhere is that more evident than with our setting and finishing services.

RW Manufacturing clients know that stones will be set straight with appropriate seats and all channels will hold their proper place. Even the final polish and finishing will reflect the keen eyes and steady, skilled hands that are all part of our “old world” attention to detail.

Our clients have learned that RW Manufacturing means excellent work at a reasonable cost.  With a wide variety of setting and finishing services to choose from, you can contract out some, or all of your production and not have to worry about adding temporary personnel at peak times.

Contact us so we can discuss the benefits of being your jewelry manufacturer..

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Custom Services

Committed to Technology and the Innovation that it Provides

Modern innovation begins with advanced machinery.  Here at RW Manufacturing we have 4 technologically advanced Laser® Star welding machines that offer some significant advantages over traditional soldering:  

  • Casting imperfection—Cavities and cracks can be repaired with the same metal, instead of a low-grade filler that will cause future problems like discoloration and melt-out.
  • Repairs near fragile gems—Because lasers do not produce conductive heat, fragile gems need not be removed from the mounting, saving time, possible damage and money.
  • Assembly of complex multi-color and multi-component jewelry— Since lasers produce "spot" welds, there are no solder runs or shifting of parts during heating as with conventional soldering techniques.
  • Application of findings—Laser welding creates a stronger bond since weaker metals are not used. There is also less clean up and the findings are virtually permanent.
  • Multi-metal applications—All metals can be welded, even combinations of Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Dissimilar metal parts can be combined with unparalleled adhesion.
  • Restoration—Delicate and antique items can be restored without concern for distortion and dissolving of previous repair work.

With the new Laser technology, RW Manufacturing can provide you with the services to improve the overall quality of your repairs, restoration and manufacturing plus significantly reduce your overall cost. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

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